Alec SchulerAlec Schuler

Chef Proprietor Alec Schuler was born and raised in the suburbs of New York by immigrant European parents, and came to Boulder at the age of 18.  Extensive world travels have strongly influenced his outlook on world cuisines.  After eating his way around the world for a few years in his 20′s, he found his culinary interests resonating most with Italian, French and Spanish cuisines, and the seeds of Arugula and Tangerine Restaurants were sown.   Alec and his wife Gabriella are proud and busy parents of four young sons.  Alec is a graduate of CU Boulder (1995) and Manhattan’s Natural Gourmet Institute (2001).  As an avid biker (and bike commuter), skier/boarder, mountain lover and qigong practitioner he is mindful of the importance of a wholesome and healthy diet.  His nutrition-oriented culinary training, culinary passions and lifestyle fit his restaurants.


Justin Medlin

Executive Chef and General manager Justin Medlin was raised in the north Mississippi hill country just south of Memphis.  He was influenced by the music and food that the region is famous for.  As a child he fondly remembers helping his grandmother and family tend to their large garden in Iuka.  He opened his first restaurant in Tupelo at the age of 20, and has never looked back.  After living and working in Vail for 10 seasons he decided to move closer to the local farms and food scene of the Front Range.  Justin is a graduate of the Escoffier Culinary school in Boulder (2011).  While not working he enjoys travel, playing guitar and the great variety of fine local craft beers.


About the Quote:

“Looking at a tangerine, a person who practices awareness can see all the wonders of the universe and how all things interact with one another.”  ~  The name Tangerine came first, then while Alec was searching for words to place as a banner over the bar, this came to him.  It is a quote from The historical Buddha, given to a group of children on the morning after he became enlightened.  Taken from the book  “Old Path White Clouds” by Thich Nhat Hanh.